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LID Stormwater Research Program

Rain gardens (foreground) and mesocosms (background) installed at the Puyallup Research and Extension Center provide a replicated environment with which to gather data about the filtration capacities of varied soil and plant mixes.

Low Impact Development (LID)
Stormwater Research Program

The genesis of the LID Program came through a major retrofit project funded by a grant from the Washington Department of Ecology. Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center worked with its grant partner, the City of Puyallup, to construct this unique demonstration, education and research program. This project involved the coordinated efforts of many departments, programs, businesses and individuals.

The program is located on the WSU-Puyallup campus and is part of the Washington Stormwater Center—a collaborative partnership effort with the University of Washington-Tacoma Center for Urban Waters—which serves as a clearinghouse for stormwater technology, information, and permittee assistance. For information on Washington Stormwater Center, visit www.wastormwatercenter.org.

Washington Stormwater Center

Please visit our primary LID Program website, www.wastormwatercenter.org/low-impact/ for access to research information, photographs, and real-time data.

Looking for information on the LID Technical Series? Please visit the LID Workshop webpage at conferences.wsu.edu/conferences/lidworkshops/.

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